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Retire on Less to Middle Tennessee


Welcome to Tennessee

 Dear Friends,
 Do you want to retire in comfort and style, without the need for substantial wealth?
 Well then please take a few moments to make yourself aware of the wonderful way of life found in Middle Tennessee; and why choosing to retire or relocate there may be the wisest decision you will ever make.
 After living for years in high-priced areas of the Northeast, many have discovered the joys of an inexpensive and easy way of life among some of the most friendly people found anywhere in America.

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Here you will find:

  • No state income tax
  • Great property values
  • Low property taxes
  • Low auto and property insurance rates
  • Affordable living
  • Great medical facilities
  • Four distinct seasons with mild winters
  • Rolling hills with farms near sophisticated city life
  • Many lakes for fishing and boating
  • Well maintained interstate highways and local roads
  • Healthy outdoor lifestyle
  • Abundance of Championship Golf Courses
  • Half-way between Florida and homes to the North and Midwest
  • Over 50 State Parks offering camping, hiking, rock climbing, canoeing and more

Find out more about the experience and the wonderful people of Middle Tennessee on the remainder of this website.




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The Economics


"When we retired to Middle Tennessee, we were able to save many thousands of dollars per year in taxes and insurance, and put the difference of our home prices in the bank."

From Kiplingers 50 Smart Places to Live
Kiplingers Magazine June 2006:

#1 Nashville, Tennessee

Our top pick offers affordable homes, a mild climate and a phenomenal entertainment scene that
goes far beyond country.





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